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Finding the right person to take care of your feet can be overwhelming, so we strive to provide a complete orthotic experience for you, all in one place.

We know that once you experience the quality of care at Pathway, you won't want to look anywhere else and you'll  feel confident referring us to your family and friends!
We provide:
-  Custom Foot Orthoses  
- Custom Ankle Orthoses
​- Over  The Counter Foot Orthoses
- Over The  Counter Ankle Orthoses
- Orthotic Refurbishment/Repairs 
- Orthotic Replacements
- Orthotic Troubleshooting
- Diabetic Footcare
- Bio-mechanical assessments
- Orthotic Casting
- Therapeutic Shoes at a discount
- Shoe Modifications
- Shoe Stretching
- Custom Shoes
- Specialty OTC Foot Products at a discount
- Practitioner Consultations and In-Services
Custom Foot and Ankle Orthoses
Orthotic Repairs and Replacements
Did you know that most of the orthoses that breakdown and are in need of repair can be refurbished back to their original specifications quickly and inexpensively? The soft materials that are a part of most orthoses, can delaminate, compress, or tear making the devices uncomfortable or unusable. Devices that have deteriorated through use can be brought back to their previous function by stripping it down to the core shell and replacing all of the soft components. We use only top quality, industry standard materials and top workmanship. If the orthotics have been serving you well and only need to be repaired, this can be done without a physicians referral in usually 1-2 days and at a fraction of the original cost. Rush service while you wait is available by appointment, with a small additional fee.
Orthotic devices, where the shell is fractured, can be replaced without going through the original procedure of casting and fabrication.  Through a process called “Custom Copy” a new fabrication mould(s) can be made so that an orthotic shell can be fabricated to replace the original.
Additional pairs of orthoses can be conveniently and economically made for you during the time of a refurbishment. With the devices being stripped to the shell during this process, it is wise to consider ordering additional pairs of orthotic devices as back-up, for multi-shoe convenience or for dress shoes. Since it is easy to “Custom Copy” the shell at this time, additional devices can be offered at a significantly reduced price from original costs.
We provide truly custom orthotic devices for the foot and ankle based on sound podiatric bio-mechanical principles in patient assessment, diagnosis, design and manufacturing. From the diagnosis and prescription from your physician, your unique orthotic devices are built from only top quality materials, using highly experienced craftsmanship and innovative designs.

Custom orthoses are fabricated in-house or through Integrity Orthotic Lab, a premier orthotic manufacturer. Our ankle orthoses features the Richie Brace made through their central fabrication.
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Over The Counter (OTC) Foot and Ankle Orthoses



For those whose feet are changing frequently, such as children, and for those with mild to moderate needs who cannot afford a custom orthotic device, an over the counter orthosis might be the best choice. We have many options available through the local lab we work with, Intergrity Orthotics, and after I make an assesment, I can reccomend the right OTC for your needs. 
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Orthotic Trouble Shooting
Specialty OTC Foot Products
Are you one of the thousands of patients, who have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on orthoses only to have them never be comfortable and sit at the bottom of your closet? Or do you have a bag full of orthotic devices that you have spent countless hours and dollars on, and your feet still hurt? Did you go back to your practitioner and were still not able to have the problems resolved sufficiently? It can be very frustrating! You may be so frustrated that you don’t believe that orthotic therapy is valid for your feet problems.

Well, we're here to help!
This is something that we specialize in. More then 50% of orthotic problems can usually be taken care of by relatively simple adjustments and/or proper shoe fit. With the experience from thousands of problem orthotic cases, at Pathway we can realistically assess your problem orthotics, foot bio-mechanics, and shoes to determine the solution. Many adjustments can be done that same day. Give us a call to discuss the options available to you.
Many times the answer to a foot problem can be found in an “Over the Counter” (OTC) product in the form of a splint, brace, cushion, pad or shield. Whether your discomfort comes from a shoe specific problem, a temporary conditions such as an injury, or a long term issue such as overlapping toes or a bunion, many patients find relief with these products. The added advantage these products have is that they are inexpensive, effective and simple. Email us or ask in your visit about purchasing these products at a discount.
Biomechanical Assesments and Orthotic Casting
Whether you have problems with existing orthotic devices, or you are in need of a new pair of devices, proper assessment of foot bio-mechanics, gait, shoes, getting the correct results. There are many factors that can either help or hinder your orthotic therapy, and the whole picture must be looked at. For our patients we look at the ranges of motion of the joints of the foot and ankle, the dynamics of gait, shoe type and function, patient symptoms and diagnosis, activity, and any previous orthotic therapy. We can give a written assessment and a proposed detailed Rx to your doctor for his/her's approval. This is a helpful tool for many practitioners not familiar with the details of orthotic therapy. 

We will take care in making an accurate casting of your foot and/or ankle. The fabrication of your orthoses is done in-house or with an expert central fabrication lab, depending on the type of orthoses that is prescribed. With all of this, what is important is to compile and process accurate information so that we can design and fabricate the best orthotic devices for you that will give the greatest outcomes for your orthotic therapy. This is our specialty.
Diabetic Footcare
When someone is diagnosed with Diabetes, it is very important that they have a shift in the importance they place on the care of their feet. Poor foot care, delayed treatment, or incorrect footwear can be life threatening. Our shoe lines feature shoes that are designed to be compatible with foot orthotic devices, and most are approved to be used for the Diabetic Shoe Bill benefits. If you order your shoes from us , you will receive a 10% discount and free shipping to your home. You will find the two brands we carry, OrthoFeet, Dr. Comfort and Pilgrim Shoes, to be comfortable, functional, and fashionable.
The type of sock you wear can have a measurable effect on your foot’s circulation and comfort; the socks we carry are designed to help protect the neuropathic foot - just send us an email or ask during your visit to purchase them.

The special needs of the diabetic do not end with footwear. Correct skin care is an essential for the diabetic foot. Anti-bacterial washes, wound care, and moisturizers are all part of keeping the skin healthy and wound free. 

Our custom diabetic orthotic devices are of the highest quality that you can buy. These are not the commonly supplied, mediocre-at-best devices, that are only moderately benificial to sometimes being completely ineffective.

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Shoe Modification and stretching
Modifications to shoes are many times a forgotten modality in the treatment of postural, bio-mechanical and medical conditions that affect the gait function of some patients. A consequence of this is that finding a facility that can provide quality modifications has become difficult in most areas. At Pathway Pedorthics we offer a full array of shoe alterations from simple stretching to rocker soles and insertion of a steel shank. Other modifications we offer are: Heel/sole wedging, Elevations, Heel lifts, Sole excavations, Pocket Upper accommodations, Heel/sole flaring, Medial/Lateral upper reinforcements, SACH heel, or custom-specific. 

Our modifications are always done with close attention paid to the aesthetics of the alteration so that any abnormal look to the shoe is diminished or eliminated.  

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Practitioner Consultations and In-services
Private consultations and educational in-services are a great way to improve the knowledge and capacity of your staff or students. Recognized by practitioners as an expert in foot biomechanics, Mark Grumbine has presented to the Physical Therapy departments at Stanford, The University of Washington, UC Berkeley, Vanderbilt College, and San Antonio College. He has also presented at LA College of Chiropractic, Palmer-West College of Chiropractic, and the American Podiatric Medical Conventions in Miami and San Francisco, and consulted with countless individual practitioners, both nationally and internationally.
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Custom Shoes
There are some extreme cases were the only appropriate shoes that will work for a patient are custom made shoes. In these cases, we work from your doctor's script, assess the foot, consult with the physician to ensure best designs and results, cast, oversee the order and dispense the shoes. We outsource the fabrication to a industry proven shoe manufacturer.  
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