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Mark Grumbine
Certified Pedorthist

 In the Orthotic Industry
Research and Development, Entrepreneur, Instructor, Production Manager, Lab Tech - these are some of the titles I've had during my career in the orthotic industry. This rare blend of experience allows me to understand the details of orthotic design and function to a greater depth than most other practitioners of foot orthotic therapy. And getting the details right is what gets you back on your feet again. 
 Certified Pedorthist
I became an American Board Certified Pedorthist in May of 2013. I specialize in the troubleshooting of problem orthotic devices. The work that I do as a Pedorthist brings me great joy - I love seeing the look on someone's face when, having just put on a pair orthotics that I made specifically for their unique feet with my own two hands, they finally experience walking without pain. That look is the reason I do what I do.
 Specialized Training
In addition to my many years in the industry, I completed extensive clinical and bio-mechanical education, over a ten year period, under Justin Wernick, D.P.M., and Glenn Ocker, D.P.M. I also completed four years of clinical and bio-mechanical training under John O’Donnell, D.P.M., Joseph Sullivan, D.P.M., and Nicholas Grumbine, D.P.M.
About Me:

I have been working in the orthotic industry for over 40 years, during which time I've overseen the production of more than half a million custom orthotic devices - many for particularly difficult cases. I have worked with three different custom orthotic laboratories and I've worn many hats.  The first 13 years were with Paragon Podiatry Laboratory (my Dad's orthotic lab), where I worked as a technician, a technical support representative, head of research and development, and finally, as an owner. During this period I received a strong foundational training of west coast podiatric orthotic therapy concepts, with four years of clinical and biomechanics training under John O’Donnell, D.P.M., Joseph Sullivan, D.P.M., and Nicholas Grumbine, D.P.M. (my older brother). 

In 1991 I began 10 years of working with Langer Biomechanics Group, Inc., performing as Production Manager and Branch Manager of the West Coast facility.   These positions included the roles Quality Assurance, Customer Support and of training production personnel, evaluators, and technical support staff in all areas of production.  Additionally, I was responsible for the training and support of practitioners in casting, orthotic prescription writing, product selection, dispensing, troubleshooting devices, and the areas of biomechanics related to orthotic therapy.  This time at Langer afforded me the opportunity to continue my clinical and biomechanical education under Justin Wernick, D.P.M., and Glenn Ocker, D.P.M., giving me a strong understanding of east coast podiatric concepts as applied to orthotic therapy.  I also presented multiple training sessions for physical therapy students at Vanderbilt, San Antonio, Berkeley, Stanford and the University of Washington on various topics including: the biomechanics of foot orthoses, prescription writing, casting, and troubleshooting; as well as training for chiropractic students at Los Angeles school af Chiropractics and Palmer College West. 

In 2001, I became a co-founder and Vice-President of Integrity Orthotic Lab.  In these roles I was responsible for product development and standards, technician training, production management, practitioner education, quality assurance and biomechanical consultations with clients.  At Integrity Lab we specialized in high difficulty orthotic cases.  All of these together were key in creating an environment where the practitioner received premium quality orthotic devices and the support of a large team of highly-skilled technicians and support staff. 
In 2013 I decided to move into the practice portion of the orthotic industry as a Certified Pedorthist.  Working with patients in the clinical setting was always my favorite aspect of orthotic work.  With the creation of Pathway Pedorthic Footcare, I have been able to bring to patients the benefit that the many years experience with hundreds of thousands of cases of custom orthotic devices has given me.  

With this background I specialize in the solving of high difficulty cases, such as clubfoot post polio, skin grafts, and amputations. Even the patients who have a bag full of failed orthoses and have not been able to find relief or "get it right", are able to be brough to a successful outcome. One of the most gratifying aspects of this new phase in my career is to have a patient tell me that they are able to walk again, pain free, and can move on with their life.
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    Mark Grumbine, C-Ped
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